Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Animal Lexicon" will be available here or on Amazon!

My longterm project, ANIMAL LEXICON, is now in its third edition and will be for sale either through this blog or on Amazon.

It's a handmade book, 136 pages in length, 8.5" by 6.5" in size, stitch-bound, with original and public-domain artwork, including some hand coloring and stamping. The book is a humorous yet massively informative lexicon of English words and phrases based on the animal kingdom, arranged by taxa - that is, Kingdom/Phylum/Class/Order/Family/Genus/Species.
The cost is $15.00 plus $2.99 for domestic s/h and $4.99 for overseas.
Here's what a cover looks like:

And here are a few pages from the inside:

And a few more:

Available in a variety of colors:

Blue, too!

And a few more pix for the road:

To order a copy, the address is ANIMAL LEXICON, 1470 Crofton Parkway, Crofton, MD 21114. Checks and money orders welcome.
Or order via Etsy and Paypal.

Marian Coombs
Some commentary:

From Georgie Anne Geyer, Washington, D.C.: "Your book is charming - I love it. So original ... so much fun and really informative. I will enjoy giving them as gifts to the fastidious."
  • Janet Kester Peoples of the world, this Lexicon was inspired by an animal god
    -- you must have it!
It's so very wonderful! I'll be curling up with the precious Lexicon
tonight, gray and black cats purring at my flanks.
From D.R.B., Sacramento: "It's wild! It's wacko! It's so cool! A great book! Great art! Great binding! Brilliant! Obviously a labor of intellect and love. I cherish my copy."

From T.C., Philadelphia: "The Lexicon is half consumed - I can't wait to go back for more. I love when I read and can 'hear' the author's voice. ... The lexicon is a bargain at twice the price! Thank you."

From D.T., Maryland: "I love what you sent me! So many interesting tidbits and turns of phrases. I love the pictures of course also."

From J.M., Buffalo: "I got the Lexicon and it looks wonderful! I can only imagine the time and thought that you put into it. I have only begun to look through it but I expect to enjoy it for years to come."

From A.C., Maryland: "Your book is really GREAT."

From C.L., Berkeley: "your lexicon collection is lovely; I love the calligraphy and ponder your style of choices to include."

From N.O., Woodbridge, VA: "SO CUTE."

From E.T., Berkeley, CA: "adorable!"

From J. V., Denver: "We loved your book ... Beautiful."

From Mr. R.J.L., Delaware: "I have spent a good part of this evening reading the book. All the way through --- couldn’t put it down. And enjoyed it!!! I was amused, bemused, and in the “Yeah—right on” mode. A lot of research and thought."