Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Animal Lexicon" is available here!

My longterm project, ANIMAL LEXICON, is now in its third edition and will be for sale through this blog.

It's a handmade book, 136 pages in length, 8.5" by 6.5" in size, stitch-bound, with original and public-domain artwork, including some hand coloring and stamping. The book is a humorous yet massively informative lexicon of English words and phrases based on the animal kingdom, arranged by taxa - that is, Kingdom/Phylum/Class/Order/Family/Genus/Species.
The cost is $20 PPD.

Here's what a cover looks like:

And here are a few pages from the inside:

And a few more:

Available in a variety of colors:

Blue, too!

And a few more pix for the road:

To order a copy, the address is ANIMAL LEXICON, 1470 Crofton Parkway, Crofton, MD 21114. Checks and money orders welcome.

Marian Coombs
Some commentary:

From Georgie Anne Geyer, Washington, D.C.: "Your book is charming - I love it. So original ... so much fun and really informative. I will enjoy giving them as gifts to the fastidious."
  • Janet Kester Peoples of the world, this Lexicon was inspired by an animal god
    -- you must have it!
It's so very wonderful! I'll be curling up with the precious Lexicon
tonight, gray and black cats purring at my flanks.
From D.R.B., Sacramento: "It's wild! It's wacko! It's so cool! A great book! Great art! Great binding! Brilliant! Obviously a labor of intellect and love. I cherish my copy."

From T.C., Philadelphia: "The Lexicon is half consumed - I can't wait to go back for more. I love when I read and can 'hear' the author's voice. ... The lexicon is a bargain at twice the price! Thank you."

From D.T., Maryland: "I love what you sent me! So many interesting tidbits and turns of phrases. I love the pictures of course also."

From J.M., Buffalo: "I got the Lexicon and it looks wonderful! I can only imagine the time and thought that you put into it. I have only begun to look through it but I expect to enjoy it for years to come."

From A.C., Maryland: "Your book is really GREAT."

From C.L., Berkeley: "your lexicon collection is lovely; I love the calligraphy and ponder your style of choices to include."

From N.O., Woodbridge, VA: "SO CUTE."

From E.T., Berkeley, CA: "adorable!"

From J. V., Denver: "We loved your book ... Beautiful."

From Mr. R.J.L., Delaware: "I have spent a good part of this evening reading the book. All the way through --- couldn’t put it down. And enjoyed it!!! I was amused, bemused, and in the “Yeah—right on” mode. A lot of research and thought."

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