Saturday, November 1, 2008

A blessing in disguise?

It sure does look as though the mighty powers aligned behind the B.H. Obama candidacy will get their way next Tuesday, although - oddly - a majority of voters seems to be shuddering at the prospect. According to a recent poll (,
most Americans think Obama will increasingly ban guns - and we also know that most Americans don't care for that sort of thing.

But imagine what the election of John McCain would mean.

  • Four more dismal years of Bush-Republican rule. Despite McCain's protestations to the contrary, he is more like Bush than any other of the Republican candidates he defeated. His election would mean no well-deserved repudiation of the Bush experiment in preemptive war, currency debasement and throwing ersatz money around like a drunken apparatchik - all the while calling it "conservatism" and wrecking the rep of the GOP.
  • Continued malaise on the right. Sure, the GOP would be "in power," but with what mandate, and with what energy? Let the Democrats take over the mess; conservatives need to regroup, buck up, and take a long hard look at how the past eight years could have happened, so that it may never happen again.
  • Misuse of Sarah Palin. Peggy Noonan may not fancy Sarah, but most conservatives do - a lot. Is suddenly being made vice-president the best use of this tremendous natural resource? Palin should be allowed to develop, gain experience, and truly blossom as a leader. She has the potential to be our Maggie Thatcher - but not just yet.
  • 1992 all over again. An Obama presidency would rejuvenate, resurrect, resuscitate, reenergize, reanimate and re-you name it the conservative movement. Especially if the Dems contrive a trifecta, the makings of the 1994 Republican Revolution will once more be in play. And this time we will not be saddled with Newt Gingrich: May we learn from his disgraced example, both political and personal.
  • And last/not least: We would be deprived of the spectacle of Barack Hussein Obama playing the role of President of the United States.

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